Bentley has brought some of the best luxury cars to the market and continues to redefine magnificence and performance today. The British automobile marque’s Home division opened its first atelier in Corso Venezia, Milan, in April this year. Every year, Bentley Home releases a new collection of indoor furniture pieces during Milan Design Week; however, this year was special; the brand launched its first-ever outdoor collection along with an indoor furniture collection. Presented math during Milan Design Week, coinciding with Salone del Mobile. The first of the two collections is ‘Solstice’ which celebrates marvelous outdoor living, while the ‘2022’ collection features a unique blend of materials, architectural shapes, and futuristic compositions. Both the collection retain the Bentley DNA and use materials, motifs, and shapes that can be found in Bentley cars.

Bentley Home Atelier Milan 2022 Collection

Solstice Collection

The creation of Solstice has been complex and exciting for the designer Carlo Colombo who worked with designers at Bentley Motors to incorporate the Bentley design DNA into furniture pieces utilizing weather-proof materials that appear elegant in outdoor settings and natural light. Velvet, chenille, and satin have been treated specially for outdoor use. If sustainability is an important factor, Colwyn hemp fabric and MARM MORE® fabric – the marque’s exclusive fabric made from waste marble powder. It is currently available in three colors – Cool Grey, Laguna, and Desert. Hemp is not only sustainable but also resists extreme climate conditions; at Bentley Home, it further undergoes anti-static and waterproofing treatment.

Bentley Home Solstice Collection

This collection has a key feature that connects the furniture pieces to the cares – the ‘super-mirror’ steel detail that features in Bentley’s flagship models like Continental, Bentayga, and Flying Spur ranges. Super mirror refers to a high level of polish applied to the stainless steel is a beautiful and unique effect achieved by the impeccable craftsmanship of Bentley Home. In the Solstice Sofa, Armchair, and Pouf, each super-mirror slat is curved to follow the outline of the backrests, using a sophisticated cutting system, while the Solstice Coffee Table and Side Table feature the super-mirror grille. The Solstice Sunbed is lightweight and comfortable, epitomizing the Bentley Home lifestyle for the outdoors, which has been carefully engineered to be suitable for gardens, terraces, and poolsides.

Bentley Home Solstice Collection 2022 Collection

 The 2022 Collection blends precious materials with high-quality finishes, drawing its inspiration from nature, futuristic architecture, and the interplay between them. For example, pieces like The Galloway Sofa, Bench, and Chaise Longue are named after the landscape that overlooks the Irish Sea. The Galloway silhouettes play with folds and tapering thicknesses and can be customized by combining a high or low armrest and backrest. The frame comprises three layers of wood veneers and is available in Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore, Smoked Liquidambar, or Burr Walnut Briarroot. These reflective can be coupled with glossy, brushed finishing, Degrade Lacquer, or Metal Lacquer effect.

Bentley Home Solstice coffee and side tables

Topped in a choice of marble, leather, or wood, the Helston Coffee Table has a unique structure with dynamic lines and is available in two sizes. Another piece from the collection is the Ryde Ottoman – the first circular pouf in the Bentley Home collection. The Havergate Cabinet and Sideboard was a rather challenging creation, but the result is beautiful and elegant from every angle. Degrade Gun-Metal Grey or Champagne metal decorations on the doors elevate the entire look. The shaded color of the Havergate line is the fruit of painstaking craftsmanship, involving a series of manual applications with immaculate consistency.  

Bentley Home Solstice Loveseat

 Apart from the furniture collection, Bentley Home has made additions to its existing Bentley Home Ramsey line, with diamond motif engravings that resemble Bentley’s quilting. The Ramsey Floor, Table, and Wall Lamps have steel surfaces with options of Gun-Metal Grey finish and Black Marquina marble bases, or Champagne finish and Calacatta marble bases. The lamps are handmade using Murano glass, and the lighting system enhances the surface illumination and guarantees an even distribution of light. The new Stirling mirror is crafted in collaboration between designer Francesco Forcellini, Bentley Motors, and Bentley Home. The softened corners accentuate the minute incisions of its geometric image. Other than fume or bronze, the mirror is also available in Silver alloy, a very rare handmade process in glassworks of the mid-20th century.

The Bentley Home atelier brings in opportunities to create a space where luxury and customization take shape amidst the finest materials. 

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