MANILA: Two new furniture collections were unveiled at the newly opened Bentley Home Atelier during the Milan Design Week. Solstice, Bentley Home’s first ever outdoor furniture collection, embraces the wonderful experience of open-air living, while the 2022 Collection of indoor furniture features a mixture of unique materials, architectural shapes, and contemporary designs. Both collections are results of close partnership between Bentley Motors and Bentley Home design teams, and feature materials, motifs, and shapes seen on Bentley cars that translate beautifully for the home.


  • What are the two furniture collections that were recently unveiled by Bentley Home Atelier?

    Bentley Home Atelier has recently unveiled the Solstice collection and the 2022 Collection.

  • Where is the new Bentley Home Atelier located?

    The new Bentley Home Atelier is located at 36 Corso Venezia in Milan, Italy.

  • Each piece in the Solstice collection may be personalized using a variety of fabric and covering options. Velvet, chenille, and satin have been treated specifically for outdoor use after extensive research into each of the premium textiles. Those looking for a sustainable fabric option may choose the special MarmMore fabric derived from discarded marble powder. Similarly, Bentley Home customers can now order the new Colwyn hemp fabric, which comes in three colors: Cool Grey, Laguna, and Desert. Hemp is one of the world’s oldest botanical fibers, dating back over 6,000 years. It is well-suited to outdoor living as it endures extreme climate conditions and is cultivated without the need of fertilizers or chemicals.

    Bentley Home Atelier Solstice Collection

    A key design element of the collection is the “super-mirror” steel detail, which is inspired by Bentley’s modern car lineup, including the Continental, Bentayga, and Flying Spur models. The term “super-mirror” refers to the high level of polish imparted to the stainless steel, a stunning and unique effect created by Bentley Home’s world-class artisans. Each super-mirror slat wrapped around the Solstice Sofa, Armchair, and Pouf is curved to follow the outline of the backrests using a complex cutting technology. The delicate lightness of the super-mirror steel grille detail matches the upholstered leather and fabric parts of the furniture designs.

    Bentley Home Atelier Solstice Collection

    The 2022 Collection, on the other hand, features a unique combination of precious materials, high-end finishes, and personalized options. The bold lines were inspired by nature, futuristic architecture, and the relationship between them.

    Bentley Home Atelier 2022 Collection

    The new Bentley Home Atelier, located at 36 Corso Venezia in Milan, is set within the colonnaded courtyard of the late 19th-century Palazzo Chiesa, complete with elegant cross-vaults and an enormous stone staircase. In contrast to the building’s neoclassical architectural surroundings, the Atelier is a 500-square-meter space with a contemporary vibe.

    The Atelier is adorned with stone, mirrors, and leather, and is the perfect complement to the Bentley Home furniture collection. Natural light rays cross the room, creating unexpected reflections. The Atelier has a view of the Milan skyline on one side and the historic Palazzo site on the other. It results in a series of multisensory delights and sensual appeal.

    Bentley Home Atelier 2022 Collection

    The one-of-a-kind Atelier embodies the Bentley Home lifestyle: it is a place where luxury and customization come to life, amid the finest materials.

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