After two years of working overtime, Canadian homes are emerging from the pandemic forever changed, craving a newfound style that combines soothing colour and durability, a recent press release said.

“On the other side of the pandemic, people are looking to infuse their homes with soothing colours that emit a sense of both protection and fresh air that they’ve been lacking,” said Martin Fuchs, Sico paint brand senior marketing manager, in the same release, noting that contemporary earth tones are trending across the country. These new hues are lighter, softer shades compared to pre-pandemic consumer colour preferences, he explained.

According to the Sico paint brands’ sales trends, consumers are moving away from cool, modern grey interiors and opting for subdued garden-fresh neutrals. Topping the list of best-selling paint colours are muted sage greens, breezy blues and earthy taupes.

“There’s a feeling of cautious optimism among consumers as we adapt back to more social lives, with people wanting to add colour to their interiors in the same, considerate way,” Fuchs said. “They’re looking for subtle, warm and approachable colours that work well in all seasons and can be easily complemented with more expressive accent colours as their mood changes.”

At the same time, after pushing the limits of their homes to serve as office, classroom, gym and family living space in one, Fuchs said that homeowners today want decor that can withstand wear and tear. “People recognize their homes are in need of some TLC, but with busier households than ever, they want a quick fix that will give a durable, fuss-free boost that stands the test of time,” he said.

In response to Canadians’ changing lifestyles, Sico paint brand has launched what it describes as its best paints ever – four breakthrough, ultra-resilient interior paint-plus-primer products designed to maximize colour and quality, while minimizing the effort required to apply and maintain the paint.

Sico CLEAN SURFACE sets a new standard for repelling stains, enabling greasy hand-grime, crayon, wine, juice and coffee stains to be wiped away using standard all-purpose cleaners without the need to scrub. Sico PRESTIGE is a stain-blocking ultra-smooth, washable one-coat paint available in 1,000 one-coat hide colours. Sico ENDURANCE is specifically formulated to stand up to wear and tear caused by heavy use, and Sico CLASSIC is in all-round paint with excellent scrub and stain resistance.

“It’s clear that homeowners are increasingly realizing that resiliency is just as important as beauty when it comes to living spaces, and the combination of both is defining home decor today,” said Fuchs.

– Jennifer Cox

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