Cynthia Zamaria has a passion for reviving forgotten homes and gardens.

The Toronto home and garden creative advocates for a trendless approach to home decor that embraces vintage and preloved pieces with a story. Whether it’s a milk glass vase found at an antique market or hand-me-down heirlooms from family or friends, timeless doesn’t mean boring, said Zamaria.

“Items older than we are or have been in the hands of others are often of great quality and character,” she said. “Integrated thoughtfully, patinated pieces contribute to the individuality of the space. There’s nothing old-fashioned about it. A sexy tension blossoms in an interior where there’s a hot mash-up of styles. It shows creative confidence. It’s timeless yet very au courant.”

Zamaria recently published her first book, “House + Flower,” sharing how she blends flowers from the garden and the character of vintage and artisanal objects to create a soulful home.

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