Bernice Baron has a multi-award-winning home ready and waiting for her. She’s just not ready to move in yet.

The 94-year-old is still hanging onto the house she’s inhabited for 60 years, but will eventually migrate to the “bungalow in a basement” that her son Gordon Baron, founder and president of Lifestyles By Barons custom home renovation company, built for her in his own home.

Baron shows how the suite's stove activates the ovehead exhaust vent to automatically turn on and off.

“Many of our clients are seniors, so we’re doing a lot of renovations that will allow them to avoid institutional living. This requires creative thinking and the right features that offer the same safety precautions of a long-term care home. This was an opportunity to do this for my own mother,” said Gordon.

The renovation received the award for most unique personalization of space, recognizing the most creative and innovative adaptation of existing space to suit the lifestyle and demands of the homeowners, at this

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