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Houses & Homes: Pandemic is changing home decor trends: SICO | Houses Homes

After two years of working overtime, Canadian homes are emerging from the pandemic forever changed, craving a newfound style that combines soothing colour and durability, a recent press release said.

“On the other side of the pandemic, people are looking to infuse their homes with soothing colours that emit a sense of both protection and fresh air that they’ve been lacking,” said Martin Fuchs, Sico paint brand senior marketing manager, in the same release, noting that contemporary earth tones are trending across the country. These new hues are lighter, softer shades compared to pre-pandemic consumer colour preferences, he explained.

According to the Sico paint brands’ sales trends, consumers are moving away from cool, modern grey interiors and opting for subdued garden-fresh neutrals. Topping the list of best-selling paint colours are muted sage greens, breezy blues and earthy taupes.

“There’s a feeling of cautious optimism among consumers as we adapt back

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From Aries to Leo: Here are your home decor preferences as per your zodiac sign

Finding the proper kind of home décor for your home structure can be difficult at times, and there are always aspects to consider, such as budget, style, and preferences. Your astrological sign is considered to influence your style choices as well as personality traits and lifestyle preferences. They do add up to enhance your choices in order to create the ideal living space for you. And it is on this foundation that a person can be defined.

So, here we bring your home décor preferences according to your zodiac sign that will also let you discover your home style.

zodiac-personality-trait_64.jpg” alt=”Aries” title=”Aries”/

1. Aries

An Aries’ home should represent their strong personalities. Aries are drawn to spacious places and bright colours that energise them while also reflecting their active lifestyle. Because of their competitive nature, they want to adorn their homes with symbols of their successes, tastes, or

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