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Supply Chain Issues Impacting Home Furnishing, Staging

You’ve navigated the endless challenges of the pandemic, from rising prices to self-guided tours of models, and signed on the dotted line to ensure that perfect next home is yours. Problem is, now you have to furnish the place. It turns out the normally-hassle-free process of finding sofas, tables, chairs and beds is equally problem-plagued by issues associated with Covid and the aftermath of the health crisis.

Companies working to ensure homes are nicely furnished know these hurdles all too well. Here’s how they’re steering through the perilous winds of a supply chain tsunami.

“The constraint on furniture supply chains isn’t just inconveniencing consumers, it’s asking them to put their lives on

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York UK Bespoke Loft Conversion Specialist Home Renovation Service Launched

The launch of this new home development service allows homeowners to add an extra element to a property by redesigning its attic space. The company handles both the design and architectural aspects of the loft conversion in-house to ensure that the project represents a stylish addition to the living quarters.

More information on this service can be found by visiting https://loftmypad.co.uk

With the creation of this design and build service, Loft My Home is helping to bring people’s ideas and design visions to life. By producing fully customised builds for each client, the company strives to ensure that all customer expectations are met. With more than 20 years of experience in performing loft conversions, the company has the relevant knowledge and expertise to implement all design ideas and choices.

More and more people in the UK are deciding to perform some form of

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