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The Best Vintage-Inspired Home Decor and Furniture

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As any good designer will tell you, one of the best (and easiest) ways to give your home space more character is to design it with a vintage-inspired flair in mind. Sure, contemporary furniture can complete your house with a more modern touch — but a truly great piece of antique-looking furniture or decor can warm up even the most minimalist room, all while incorporating a more charming, nostalgic essence.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always have to visit your local flea market or antique store to find some seriously cute vintage furniture. In fact, with cottagecore and other romantic styles emerging among this year’s biggest home-design trends, many major retailers are tapping

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Why Home Depot is building a home decor line

In a bid to become the go-to option for customers looking to reset their space, Home Depot is betting on home decor. 

Just this month, Home Depot expanded its home decor line, StyleWell, into the kids category — a move that indicates the company’s plans to touch every aspect of home life. The collection currently offers 65 products, including curated textiles, soft goods, bedroom decor and bathroom decor. The company’s efforts to expand into decor first took shape in 2019, when it launched the StyleWell line — an assortment geared toward younger shoppers looking for modern and trendy home products.  

Interest in the home category skyrocketed during the pandemic, benefitting retailers like Home Depot. But now, interest in the category is starting to slow as people spend more money on activities like travel. Home Depot reported annual revenue growth of 3.7% during the first quarter of this year, down

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Cluttercore Is The Home Decor Trend That Makes Messy Look Mindful

As a social media-obsessed society, we have collectively witnessed (and maybe even taken part in) at least a few trending home aesthetics. There was the minimalist aesthetic of 2016, which was characterized by axing the excess and putting neutral-toned simplicity first. Then there was maximalism, the polar opposite of minimalism that can best be defined by an abundance of poppy paint colors and kitschy decor. The latest to hit the hall of home decor fame? Meet maximalism’s messy-but-in-a-cute-way cousin: cluttercore.

If you’re unsure of what to make of this up-and-coming term, cluttercore is exactly what it sounds like. With the hashtag #cluttercore amassing a staggering 58.9 million views on TikTok, enthusiasts of the movement have made it clear that “mess” is more than welcome. Cluttercore is all about embracing sentimentality and creating an intentional clutter of organized chaos. In short, there is nary a corner of a cluttercore room that

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Why Brown Home Decor Is a Top Trend for 2022

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Not too long ago, brown was considered the ugly duckling of neutrals. While bright whites and cool grays were admired for their sleek, modern look, brown home decor was cast aside as heavy and drab. But now, two years into a pandemic, we’re craving coziness more than ever, and brown’s reputation is starting to shift. It’s on our radar as one of the top trends for 2022, and we’re seeing brown home decor pop up all over our social media feeds. This rich neutral brings a sense of warmth and familiarity at a time when we’ll take all the comfort we can get. So before you write it off as too frumpy for your tastes,

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