With a huge 94% of Brits saying that buying eco-friendly home products is important to them1, it’s clear that the nation is looking to make conscious efforts to live more sustainably. 

With this in mind, leading carpet and flooring retailer, Tapi, has revealed six eco-friendly decorating ideas for your home this summer, to support the nation in moving towards a sustainability-first mindset. 

Once a new carpet has been fitted, you’ll likely have leftover cuts that you may struggle to know what to do with. There are many ways to re-use them to ensure they don’t go to waste (or a landfill!). Here are just a few ways in which you can re-use smaller cuts of carpet for new needs this summer: 


Re-Use Your Leftover Carpet 

  • Send to animal rescue shelters, who can use them for mats/bedding 
  • Rug (depending on the size of the leftover carpet, of course!) 
  • Cat scratching
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