(Bloomberg) — One of the most expensive homes ever listed in the Hudson Valley is for sale for $25 million.

When Suzy Welch bought her Red Hook, N.Y., mansion in March 2020, it was, she says, “a complicated time.”

For most people, she continues, the dominant preoccupation was Covid-19, which was just making its way into the global consciousness. Welch’s husband Jack Welch, the influential former chief executive officer of General Electric Co., had just died, “and I was looking for a place to go and process that,” says Welch, an author, TV commentator, and business journalist.

As the pandemic dragged on, the mansion became the primary residence for Welch and her family. Welch slowly updated and renovated the 16,600 square-foot structure, set on 290 acres overlooking the Hudson River, with the help of interior decorator Bunny Williams.

Now, with the Covid-era behind her and a teaching job at NYU

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