Winner of Homes & Garden’s Best Garden Reader Award 2021, this garden realises the harmonious balance between architecture and outdoor setting, which is best achieved when they are designed concurrently.

With architectural plans for the house on the drawing board, the ambitious and cohesive garden design was formulated, with shared ambitions regarding style, space, function and materials. 

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Natural swim pool design

natural garden pol area with surrounding planting

(Image credit: Annaick Guitteny)

The concept of a formal, geometric but natural swim pool idea, strategically in line with the architecture and using the same materials of the house, was central to the entire design. 

Garden designer Anthea Harrison (opens in new tab) was challenged to devise a scheme which elevated the status of the pool to become the garden’s main feature.

‘Aesthetically more ‘classical water feature idea’ than swim pool, this dual-purpose, reflective

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