Peter Knego says being a cruise ship journalist isn’t always smooth sailing.

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Before you grow up and become a cruise ship journalist, you might want to check the fine print and paycheck. In this Zevely Zone, I cruised to Oceanside where it was anchors away. 

Peter Knego is a cruise ship journalist. “I take a cruise and then I’ll write about it,” said Peter. The cruises are free for Peter who averages about ten voyages a year. How many cruises has he taken? “Oh, about 300, a little more, I lost count a long time ago,” said Peter.

Talk about bringing your work home with you; I interviewed Peter at a bar inside his home that came from a ship. The stools we were sitting on also came for a ship. Peter’s home is filled with ship parts, furniture and artwork. “Everything except the drywall and I

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