One look at a Quebec home called Papillon is all you need to understand its name.

“We focused on the sloped roof as its main architectural characteristic and we had to enhance that feature. That strong visual line inspired us. We had to stretch it to the extremity and add a replica in the background, which gave it wings and dynamism, hence the butterfly,” explains architect Kim My Le Quoc.

Papillon is located the Montreal suburb of Mont-St-Hilaire overlooking the scenic Richelieu River. The house was first built as a split-level, with three bedrooms on the upper level and one bedroom on the main floor.

THEN: The original home's sloped roof was the starting point for the redesign.

The revamp nearly doubled the size of Papillon, taking it to 3,000 sq. ft. from its original 1,524 sq. ft.

On the main level is a large kitchen, dining room and a sunken living room. Large windows and cathedral ceilings in the main living spaces

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