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How to arrange furniture for good Feng Shui : 4 ways to avoid conflict

Good Feng Shui furniture placement is essential for any space, especially in homes with a limited square footage. Feng Shui is often referred to as the art form, but mastering the art of Feng Shui furniture placement will ensure that your home is a happier place for you and your family, no matter the size or layout. 

But remember, if you are somewhere with ‘bad’ Feng Shui furniture placement, don’t worry. There’s always something you can do to adjust your current furniture layout and work with what you already have. 

Here we’ve asked the experts to share their advice on how to arrange furniture in your home using the principles of Feng Shui as guidance.

Feng Shui bed placement

Room divider for bedroom with curtains

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The most important piece of furniture in bedroom Feng Shui are your bed ideas because they represent your overall health and wellbeing. 

The bedroom is the most intimate

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Easy DIY home decor ideas to add character to your living room

If you want an affordable and easy solution to revive your home, then there is nothing better to start from DIY hacks! Beyond saving plenty of money, these easy-to-do nifty hacks will bring a touch of character and personality to your home while sprucing it up in style. Right from giving a twist of wallpaper or wall art to crafting those useless mason jars for the table décor- there’s a lot you can do with some basic craft supplies to twist the appearance of your outdated living room up a notch. Here are 4 Easy DIY home décor ideas to redo your living room under budget.

Vintage wall art

The vintage wall art will add a royal touch to your living room, whether you showcase eclectic natural paintings, vintage-inspired hollow frames, posters, maps, or botanical prints. You can easily pull out affordable elements from a flea market and brilliantly

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4 Types of lamp lights to make your room aesthetic

A living space without lamps and improper lighting might look boring and can even become a bummer to the mood. To trail the trend of aesthetic and picturesque decor, the craze for different types of lamps as an element of home decor has stretched to superior altitudes. In fact, no décor is completed without the touch of proper and modern light fixtures and therefore these are marked as much-needed home décor essentials. In order to make your abode visually pleasing, here we bring you a list of 4 types of lamps that will spruce up every nook and corner of your space.

1. LED swing arm lamps

LED gold lights have a distinctive charm that can easily amp up the vibe of the space while making it all delightful and bright. Swing-arm lamps are a perfect fit for those ugly corners which has dull and boring personality. Such lamps can

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Memorial Day furniture sales 2022: Patio & indoor furniture deals

What is it about the ushering in of new seasons that causes us to crave a home makeover? With summer unofficially kicking off at the end of May, we’re taking advantage of all the Memorial Day sales now offering great deals on furniture.

Whether it’s your bedroom that’s in dire need of an update, your living room that could use a new vibe, your patio that’s begging for more seating or another area of your house that would benefit from a refresh, we found more than a dozen retailers kicking off the holiday with furniture sales. From bed frames to benches, from sectionals to sideboards, we’ve found 15 places to start shopping now. Looking for even more sales? Check out our roundup of over 200 Memorial Day sales on furniture and much, much more.

If you’re a fan of modern decor and are looking for a new sofa, be sure

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