A New Jersey man excavating debris around his house stumbled upon a mystery last week when he accidentally unearthed $1,000 worth of bills all dated to the year 1934.

Rich Gilson was using a rented mini-excavator Friday to clear up the debris after he and his wife, Suzanne, updated their 1920s-era home in Wildwood with a new foundation and an addition, he told dated-1934-unearthed-in-jersey-shore-renovation.html”NJ Advance Media.

Gilson said that as he was working away, he spotted two “little round things” maybe 2 inches across and around 3.5 inches long. 

“I thought they were weeds,” Gilson told NJ Advance Media. “I picked them up and just threw them aside, and they went into the pile I was using for fill.”

It rained the next day, and when Gilson resumed his excavation work Sunday, he could see the two objects more clearly and realized they were tightly wound wads

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