The floodwaters that overran Red Lodge, Montana, left streets full of debris and many homes damaged.Community members are now doing what they can to help each other rebuild and recover.While Courtney Halvorson’s home was left undamaged, her grandparents’ was not. Milt and Kathy Bastian live on the corner of Broadway Avenue and Rock Creek, Halvorson told CNN on Friday.”The house held out pretty well until at one point the front wall ripped off,” Halvorson told CNN. Her grandparents were not home, as they had evacuated to another family member’s home.”Neighbors told us they saw their (her grandparents’) furniture fly out of the front room and down the street,” Halvorson said.One of those pieces of furniture was a dresser filled with old family photographs.As cleanup began, community members came across household items scattered across the town.Video: Town cleans up after Yellowstone floodingA local park turned into a makeshift “lost and … Read the rest