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Coastal Grandmother Home Decor Is Yet Another Way To Jump On The Viral Trend

From neutral-colored linen pants, button-up shirts, cozy sweaters, and comfortable-yet-chic loafers, the coastal grandmother trend is showing no signs of slowing down. If you are still not familiar with the now viral term, think of Erica Barry from the classic movie Something’s Gotta Give. Her sophisticated, casual attire has become the touchstone for those trying to achieve that “I live at the beach” look. And while dressing in this aesthetic is perfect for the summer months, what many are missing out on is the opportunity to extend the coastal grandmother look to the home.

Sara Dahl, owner of Dahlhaus Design Co says the coastal grandmother aesthetic is all about casual but thoughtful pieces that are not solely for decoration, but are intended to be used frequently. “These pieces are well-made, have a timeless design, and the materials are those found in nature – cotton, linen, seagrass, wood and clay,”

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4 Types of lamp lights to make your room aesthetic

A living space without lamps and improper lighting might look boring and can even become a bummer to the mood. To trail the trend of aesthetic and picturesque decor, the craze for different types of lamps as an element of home decor has stretched to superior altitudes. In fact, no décor is completed without the touch of proper and modern light fixtures and therefore these are marked as much-needed home décor essentials. In order to make your abode visually pleasing, here we bring you a list of 4 types of lamps that will spruce up every nook and corner of your space.

1. LED swing arm lamps

LED gold lights have a distinctive charm that can easily amp up the vibe of the space while making it all delightful and bright. Swing-arm lamps are a perfect fit for those ugly corners which has dull and boring personality. Such lamps can

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