David Salman — a pioneer of waterwise gardening, passionate plant explorer, and charismatic storyteller — passed away on Sunday, June 5, 2022. His commitment to cultivating a palette of beautiful waterwise plants transformed gardening in the American West.

Founder of Santa Fe Greenhouses, High Country Gardens and Waterwise Gardening, David Salman was an expert in the field of waterwise gardening and xeriscaping. He was a distinguished recipient of the 2008 American Horticultural Society Great American Gardeners Award. For decades, he encouraged environmentally conscious gardening practices, long before “organic” became a household word. He was also an enthusiastic, highly sought-after speaker on these subjects. Gardeners who were fortunate enough to speak with David or hear his presentations were sure to be captivated by his knowledge, experience, and passion.

Armed with a degree in horticulture, a shovel, and a spirit of adventure, David set out on a mission. He started in

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