Curb appeal, kitchen + bath design, and flooring can make or break a home sale. If you’re looking to invest in an upgrade, whether you’re planning to sell now or later, a new study has revealed the biggest home improvement and design trends on TikTok and Instagram, and how they can increase the value of your home by more than $125K. Hot tip: Do it now so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor before you hand off the keys to a new buyer!

The research, by the British find-a-tradesperson platform Rated People, analyzed 800,000 home improvement jobs on its platform, as well as TikTok, Instagram, and Google data to uncover the trends. They then interviewed more than 2,000 potential property buyers, who shared how much extra they’d pay for a property if it had each of these trends.

“Many of the 20 biggest home improvement

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