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Majority of Americans think home renovations take longer than planned: survey

More than half of Americans think their home improvement project will take longer than planned, according to a survey from Angi.  (iStock)

The majority of Americans (52%) believe that home improvement projects will take longer than expected, but many are still confident in their ability to do the projects themselves, according to a survey from Angi.

U.S. home improvement sales are projected to increase to more than $550 billion this year as more Americans choose to do their remodeling projects themselves, according to Statista.

When looking at cost, women were 10% more likely than men to believe that DIY renovations would save money over hiring a professional, the survey said. Separately, about 12% of millennials said they thought renovations wouldn’t break the bank. 

The survey also said that 74% of Americans have some confidence in their ability to oversee a home renovation project, but 20% have

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Home Construction and Renovation – City of Burlington

If your house is a semi-detached or detached property and you are planning a construction project we are here to help! This is the page to get you started on your journey, with the information you need to make sure you have all the right permits and clearances in place. Whether you’re doing the work yourself or are hiring someone to do it for you, read on to find out more.

In some cases, you may also need approval from external agencies like Burlington Hydro, Conservation Halton, Ministry of Transportation, Niagara Escarpment Commission, etc., as applicable.

Consolidated Pre-Building Permit Review

Most home renovation and construction projects require a Building Permit, but before you can apply for a Building Permit you need to apply for a Consolidated Pre-Building Permit.

The Consolidated Pre-Building Permit process includes a Zoning Review, Grading and Drainage Review and a Forestry Review.

If you’re not sure that

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Home Renovations: A Time-Sensitive Proposition

A recent study by Angi of 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and up has found that most homeowners (52%) believe that home renovations and improvement projects will take longer than anticipated.

A report from Statista predicts that U.S. home improvement sales are projected to reach $550 billion-plus this year.

“Over half of our survey respondents believe that home renovation projects are guaranteed to take longer than originally estimated,” said the report. “Fifty-five percent of men and 49% of women surveyed share this belief of never-ending home projects.”

Additional survey findings include:

  • Women are 10% more likely than men to believe DIY renovations save money over hiring a pro.
  • Millennials are 12%-13% more likely to feel that eco-friendly renovations won’t break the bank compared to Generation X and baby boomers.
  • Twenty percent of respondents have no idea about permit requirements for common home renovations.
  • Seventy-four percent of Americans have some
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Home Renovation Activity And Spend Hits Three-Year High, Houzz Survey Finds

Home renovation activity and spend have reached the
highest rates reported since 2019, according to the annual
& Home survey of nearly 700 New Zealand respondents from
leading platform for home renovation and design, Houzz.
Nearly half of homeowners renovated their homes in 2021 (48
percent), up from 41 percent in 2020. Following the 13
percent growth in median spend last year, homeowners report
an additional 31 percent jump in median renovation spend at
$23,500. Homeowners with higher budget projects (the top 10
percent of spend) invested up to $140,000 in

Home renovation activity continues into 2022,
with nearly half of homeowners planning to renovate (46
percent) and nearly two-fifths planning to decorate (38
percent) this year. Homeowners report a planned median
renovation spend at $17,500 for 2022. Interestingly for the
first time since 2019, homeowners with higher-budget

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