Metalwork cranes and mechanical tin men greet customers at Columbia’s Bohemian Home furniture and art store, located at 2720 Devine St.

Vintage watches wait behind glass, clocks with animal faces keep time, lamps and rugs and paintings collected over decades abound. On nearly every surface, bright yellow stickers declare “Sale!”

Bruce Schultze, 73, has run the store for half a century, and this is the first storewide sale he’s ever held. He and his partner Denise Cellier need everything to go.

After 48 years, Bohemian Home is closing its doors.

In its first iteration, Bohemian Home sold women’s clothes and pottery. Schultze worked for the original owners, later buying the store from them. It was one of the first high-end retailers to take a chance on Devine Street.

Schultze credits the store and a few others on the street with kick-starting the boutique fashion trend that has taken over

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