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Home renovation creates a modern Beach house in Toronto

When you live in a 126-year-old house that’s been only moderately updated over the years, you learn to live with some discomforts.

For Shelley and Paul Williams, that meant warning guests to wear extra layers in the winter because their Toronto house in the Beach was completely uninsulated. Navigating the gaps between the creaky hardwood floors. Getting dressed by the glow of a flashlight in the upstairs hallway because the bedroom closet was tiny and the feeble ceiling lights didn’t make a dent in the dark, windowless passageway. Then there was the worrisome knob-and-tube wiring and ancient plumbing that lurked behind the plaster walls.

For years, the couple debated making small changes or gutting the place to modernize it. Then they reached a fork in the road.

THEN: The old, small kitchen was at the back of the <a href=house.” width=”605″ height=”807″/

“The kicker for me was the day I opened a kitchen cupboard and the whole door came off in

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From ‘frat house’ to family home: A major remodel in Bethesda

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When a rainbow-painted gladiator statue is the housewarming gift from a builder to the homeowners, you know there must be a great story behind it.

“My grandmother’s cousin sculpted this concrete gladiator statue that had a lamp on top and eventually it ended up in my parents’ garage,” says John Frye, 43, who is in commercial air-conditioning sales. “My friend Matt loved it and brought it to our frat house when we went to college together in Cleveland. He spray-painted it silver and then … it sat in his parents’ basement for 20 years.”

Frye’s friend Matt Covell, also 43, founded Structure, a custom home builder and renovation firm based in North Bethesda, Md., in 2016. He remodeled Frye’s house in 2019-2020 and brought the gladiator to Matt Corrado, an artist and mutual high school friend, to “paint it rainbow colors as a housewarming

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